Things I’ve discovered about Spain so far:

25 Jan
  1. All food is too much food and it all comes with a beer. or wine. and way too much food.
  2. Tapas are too good.
  3. If you fly with Iberia airlines it will be around 85 degrees in the cabin and your favorite red lipstick that you spent too much money on from Sephora will melt.
  4. They don’t stock up on toilet paper in bathrooms so bring your own.
  5. You never tip anyone.
  6. wifi is pronounced “wee-fee” and no one has it.
  7. fro-yo is llaollao like “yow-yow”
  8. They have Dunkin but its called Dunkin Coffee for no apparent reason because they sell the same donuts.
  9. Streets/sidewalks/plazas/ are all the same when it comes to driving on them. aka don’t get ran over.
  10. There are no pottys in the nice buses you take on long trips. torture.
  11. Tapas are too good.
  12. Europeans have evolved to be able to stay out until 6 in the morning and make it to work the next day. Mind blowing.
  13. It’s cold… no one told me it was going to be cold.
  14. Asians can speak Spanish.
  15. Prostitutes here are pretty.
  16. Cafe con leche es muy bueno.



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