Bienvenidos a Granada

28 Jan

So I’m finally settled into my apartment in Granada and I think it may be too nice for me to live in. No offense to my home at 32 Park Vale but this is the life here. I absolutely love it here and cannot stop shoving my face. I’ve already printed out my application for the Biggest Loser for when I return. I don’t have classes for another week which is perfect because I still don’t understand how life works here. Here are a few things I don’t understand yet:

1. Everyone drinks so much but no one eats breakfast sandwiches. I thought the universe was in agreement that those go hand in hand… Here’s what I eat for breakfast everyday.

2. When the hell are things open?! They’re closed during siestas from 2-5 everyday. But also things are closed on Sundays… and Mondays.. and usually close early during the week. They wonder why their economy is so bad.
3. There is no heat anywhere because its expensive but they have space heaters. Let me tell you something Spain. It’s windy as shit here. Buy some wind turbines and get some heat.
4. No one says thank you or your welcome or please. Someone knew I was American because I said gracias when he opened the door for me… and everyone thinks Americans are so rude.
5. Everyones name is Maria or Juan. Maria is so common they have an abbreviation: Ma or Mª(for a man). Which brings me to my next point where people are sometimes just names Juan Maria blahblah. How will I ever tell people apart.

Other than these, and a few other confusing things, life here is too perfect. My landlady cooks too much delicious food. My roommates are awesome. My school is pretty. Euros are fun to use. Zara’s is wicked cheap here. There’s an H&M down the street. I can still use instagram. My roommates are all native spanish speakers so they help me when things get seriously lost in translation. Plus they are all awesome. It will take a week for me to recover from the traumatic experience that was my placement test though where I couldn’t form a single sentence in Spanish for the oral part. Embarrassing. Luckily I placed high enough to stay in all of my spanish classes. I’m not sure what else to write in this blog about but heres a pretty pic of my school.



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