A Day in the Life

5 Feb

So I just got off the phone with my mom and discovered that my grandma actively reads my blog. In that case I hope you thoroughly enjoyed my post about the bar grandma. Don’t worry, I’m behaving and studying very hard.

Today we ate pasta with little octopus legs in it for lunch and I was scared. Today I also started a lovely class taught only in spanish (which they all are) called Spanish Literature of the 18th Century. It was a terrifying day to say the least.

Yesterday I booked my spring break to Paris (where I plan on buying peanut butter) and Ireland (where I plan on eating a real fat and carb filled breakfast). The trip will start out in Malaga where hopefully there will be some Semana Santa festivities going on. If not there better be some warm sun at the beach. I cannot wait. Also in a little over two weeks I’m going to Rome and right after that is a weekend in Morocco. Lesley would be so proud of my culturally diverse activities. It feels really strange not having a job or anything to fill my free time with. I usually just shove my face with pastries, read on the balcony, hike up to watch the sunset with friends, or look for cool street art.Occasionally I go for runs which are filled with incredible views everywhere and occasional stare downs from Spaniards who were never taught that staring is not nice. Regardless of their lack of manors (which they admit they have none) I love it here. Everything is so relaxed and no one rushes anything.






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