Morocco, Africa

5 Mar


I’m realizing that I have done more in the past month of my life than most people will do in their lifetimes. Lets be real, how many people can actually say they’ve been to Africa. Morocco was absolutely incredible to say the least. I loved every second of it. Even the moments where I basically had to pee in a hole in the ground.

The trip started out with a bus ride that include watching Zoolander and listening to some TLC because our tour guides were awesome and spoiled us from the start. After the bus ride we took the ferry to from Spain to Morocco and it was a strange feeling seeing the coast of Spain disappear from a boat. We also stopped in Gibraltar for a second to have the boat checked so I’m going to pretend that I’ve been there too.

I did learn quickly on this trip that the key to traveling to a country like Morocco is patience. Nothing about border patrol, security, or departure times are organized and everyone seems to do whatever they want. (aka the opposite of America)


But they made it clear that you couldn’t bring your potatoes or shopping carts on the boat…


Here are various pics of me on a boat…

IMG_3358 DSCN0646

Our first stop on Saturday was Chefchaouen, Morocco which is also known as the Blue City. It absolutely was amazing. We went on a walking tour and every door or building was a different shade of blue and you couldn’t help but feel happy. They said it was to keep the bugs away but I think they just like playing with paint. We had a wonderful lunch after our tour where they spoiled us with more delicious Moroccan food. After lunch we got to go bargain with the shop owners. I had way too much fun bargaining with them in Spanish and then I accidentally spent way to much money… but I got really cool things… and they’re from Africa so I don’t feel as bad. yolo.



On Sunday we went to Tangiers, Morocco. We went to the beach and  also to see the point where the Mediteranean sea meets the Atlantic ocean. I had no idea how beautiful this was going to be. It is hard to tell in this photo but you could literally see the line and currents where the bodies of water met.  I could have stood at this point all day long.


This is a picture of me frolicking on the beach.


DSCN0779And to answer the most important question, yes, I did indeed ride a camel at the beach in Africa.


After playtime on the beach and some camel rides we visited the Caves of Hercules where the opening is supposed to look like Africa… I guess. It was pretty cool inside and theres a legend behind it but I suggest googling it so that I don’t make it up. 

Then we finished our Moroccan excursion at the city of Asilah. It was a beautiful town where about a hundred of us filmed a harlem shake video in the center of and all of the locals watched with a lots of confusion. Don’t worry the video will surface soon I’m sure. (Auntie you may have to do your research on what the harlem shake is to prepare yourself for when I post those videos.)


Morocco was was of the places I planned to go before I die. My pictures make it all look so perfect of course but there were definitely parts of the trip where there were farms filled with trash or homes that barely had a roof. This will definitely not be that last time I step foot in Africa. Sorry Grandma 🙂


Checking things off the bucket list one country at a time.


One Response to “Morocco, Africa”

  1. bonnie mullen March 5, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    Jokes on you,I have my own harlem shake video.

    From Grandma:
    Meg will talk when you get home!!! Lions, tigers and bears……OH NO!!!!!!


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