Happy Saint Patricks Day!

17 Mar

Happy Saint Patricks Day friends and family!

I meant to write this a few days ago but my sleep schedule has been absolutely ridiculous and I basically sleep for two days.. Unfortunately this means that I missed la Fiesta de la Primavera in Granada this past friday which is the celebration the the first day of spring. It is the biggest street party in the world and happens to be a block from my house. But I wouldn’t know because I slept through is on Friday after class. But oh well.


This week has been filled with plenty of other fun things and it’ St. Patrick’s day! I had a fun weekend blabbing about being Irish and doing Irish things while wearing green but I’m really sad I’m not at home eating yummy Irish dinner with my family. It makes me quite homesick to know I’m missing grandma’s corned beef and cabbage dinner today 😦 But if you forgot what I look like this is me in my new cute green dress

However this week I did learn to cook some yummy Spanish food that I plan to make for all of you at home!
My roommates and I go upstairs to our neighbors house every week. His name is Antonio and he is going to America for work eventually so we’re teaching him english and I sometimes work on my Spanish (my roommate are native speakers so obviously don’t need it) Every Tuesday and Thursday we go up to Antonio’s and talk about all kinds of things and hangout with his son Ignacio.. Nacho for short. This is Nacho and my roommate Erika during our cooking lesson last week.


First we had to peel potatoes which apparently is very difficult when you haven’t cooked a meal for yourself in months. Antonio made the first tortilla and then it was our turn. It came out so perfect! Check out that beautiful tortilla de patatas made by yours truly.


Also this week I went to a flamenco show in the gypsy caves but I hated every second of it so I’ll just throw in some pictures so show you I went. I don’t have anything to say about it other than the fact it took every ounce of my being not to fall asleep during it. It wasn’t real flamenco and there were too many asian tourists for my liking..

IMG_3649 IMG_3647

That’s all I have for today. Now I have to spend the week studying and taking midterms and then it’s off to Paris and Ireland next week! I can’t believe spring break is already here. Time is flying by way to fast but I can’t wait to see you all again. I’m really missing all of my luxuries at home and american food! I love you all hope you enjoy me rambling about what I do<3


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