A Day in the Life of Meg

22 Mar

Hi friends and family! Right now I have a few days in between finishing of my midterms and going off on my next adventure to Malaga, Paris, and Dublin. I’m beyond excited but you will hear all about those trips when I return next week. For now I thought I would show you what a day in the life of Meg in Spain consists of. It’s usually pretty exhausting and difficult to handle at times.

After I’m up and ready I begin my day with a few minutes of checking myself out in the mirror



I wander around the house for a bit and usually I alert the world what I’m doing on facebook.


When I feel as though I’ve wasted enough time at home I finally leave for class and school looks like this.


After I’m done with that class I occasionally stop at the post office to mail a post card or two.


Then I relax and hangout at cafes which usually includes cafe con leche, tostadas, fresh orange juice, tea, and a dog too.



at 2:45 everyday I go home for lunch and chow down. These are two of my favs: paella and lentil soup.


Then I’m usually too full to move so Sensei and I take a nice long nap.


On the rare occasion that I wake up from my nap feeling ambitious sometimes I study..


But that’s rare.. Usually I just go frolic around Granada.


After I’m done causing chaos around the town I come home and ponder life on my balcony and laugh about how wonderful mine is.


Then after dinner I pray and go to bed extra early so that I always get a full nights rest because I’m such a good little saint….


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