Dublin & Cork

3 Apr

And now time for the good stuff.
Thursday morning we arrived in Ireland and I literally had butterflies in my stomach from the second we got off the plane. We traveled into Dublin and got to our hostel only to find out that our reservations were messed up and we actually didn’t have reservations for the night. At this point all we could do was laugh about it. The man at the desk felt really bad and offered to call hostels in the area to see if anyone had three beds for the weekend. I was alright with finding another hostel but my roommate was traumatized from the Paris experience so she ended up splurging and booking a hotel. At first I was against this idea but when I got to sleep comfortable in a king size bed I was pretty content.
On Friday we headed off with a tour group to see, Blarney Castle, Cashel Rock and the city of Cork. They were all so amazing. And yes I kissed the Blarney stone even everyone told me not to. Don’t worry guys.. I watched the guy sanitize it…

DSCN1026 DSCN1003IMG_4184IMG_4175

But lets get down to the good stuff.. FOOD. We all know how much I love food. I also am not the biggest fan of food in Spain because it just isn’t that great. In Ireland however… that’s where it’s at. Here are some lovely pics of the immense amounts of food I ate.



Also, as we all know the Irish know how to drink. So of course I couldn’t be in Dublin without visiting the Guinness Storehouse. My friend Hannah and I took a lovely tour around the brewery and at the end got to take part in the Guinness academy. This is where we learned to pour the perfect pint and even got certificates! Hope you’re all very proud.

IMG_4228 IMG_4233 IMG_4257

So to sum it up, Ireland was absolutely amazing. I honestly didn’t want to leave because it felt very much like home. It actually made me miss Boston a lot. But unfortunately this ridiculous and crazy adventure had to come to an end. That sunday was Easter obviously and I spent it sitting in an airport for a few hours. Hannah bought us Cadbury eggs though so I was content. Overall it was the trip of a lifetime. I feel as though I learned that patience is key and if you can’t laugh at obstacles then it’s going to be a whole lot harder to figure them out. We all decided the theme of our trip was a very common Spanish phrase: “no pasa nada” which basically can be applied to anything. It means don’t worry about it. Except the translation in english doesn’t make as much sense… but no pasa nada.

And to end off this story here is a picture of me galavanting around Ireland.



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