Malaga, Spain

3 Apr

So I’m going to try to post these backwards so you can read them in order of how they happened. So lets start out with Malaga..

This past week has been one of the most ridiculous, incredible, fun, and unpredictable weeks of my entire life. The trip started out in the lovely beach city of Malaga Spain with 3 amazing friends. We got to Malaga early Sunday morning and found our hostel just fine. It was very nice and we were all so excited to get the week started but we kept remembering that we were still only in Spain. Luckily due to Semana Santa there was plenty of things going on in Malaga that Sunday

Semana Santa in Spain which is basically a week long celebration before East sunday.  Most of the southern cities have processions where people line the streets and sometimes even buy tickets in advance for. They are almost like religious parades that some people dedicate their whole lives to and its clearly seen with the work that goes into parading these giant floats for miles around the city. They truly are incredible and we were luckily enough to see some of the processions in Malaga which are exceptionally elaborate.


Two days in Malaga was plenty of time for exploring before we headed off to France. Our flight was not until 8 at night on Monday so we frolicked around the city for a bit and saw some awesome sites in the city. Before we headed to the airport we made sure to go check out the beach!


oh also my shoe broke the first day in Malaga…


so that sucked…

Anyways, to wrap up the first leg of our trip, our flight ended up being delayed two hours and I was getting cranky but that was just the start of that lovely night…


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