Paris, France

3 Apr

So to continue on with the story of my spring break I’ll start off where we landed in the airport in Paris only to find out that the airport was now closed since our flight was delayed two hours. This meant that they dropped us off outside and we got on a shuttle to the baggage area where we waited for another hour. Needless to say I was cranky at this point. Luckily the airport provided us with free shuttles into the city because our flight was delayed. Eventually we got to our hostel safely only to discover that it was absolutely disgusting. It smelled like a basement that hasn’t been open in 700 years and there was legit dirt on our beds… I was terrified.


This picture doesnt show how smelly it was. Luckily they had an alright free breakfast of croissants, cereal, coffee, OJ and baguettes so that helped a little. Our first day there we explored the city and we finally figured out their impossible subway system. Of course we made a stop at the Eiffel tower and had a 3 hours photoshoot. Found chipotle for lunch (more exciting than the Eiffel Tower in my book)  and managed to get tickets to a ballet that night for only 10 euro!


Then ballet was absolutely amazing! That day we also decided that we would not survive three nights in that disgusting dungeon of a hostel so we booked a hotel near the airport for our last night. It was an emergency. Before we headed to our hotel we spent all of wednesday touring Versailles. It was incredible. I even got to frolic around Marie Antoinette’s house.

IMG_4117 DSCN0988


We also stumbled upon the statue of Saint Meg in the gardens of Versailles.


It turns out Paris ia a very expensive city. (big surprise. I know.) None of us wanted to pay a bunch of money for dinner so we just went to the grocery  store and decided to make our own in the hotel. We got the neccesities for being in Paris: wine, cheese, baguettes, olives, and more cheese. (don’t worry Grandma.. I actually ate a lot more than whats shown here) Unfortunately we didn’t have a wine bottle opener. Luckily college has taught me a thing or two about life so I taught my friends how to be resourceful and managed to open it with the jar of olives and a sharpie. If anyone wants lessons I’ll be back in June.
IMG_4140 IMG_4145

And after a wonderful night sleep in this lovely hotel we were off to Dublin the next morning!



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