This World We Live in.

16 Apr

Today has been a rough day being away from my friends and family. Last night I got the terrifying news about bombs went off at the Boston marathon and I immediately panicked. The day of the marathon is a big day for Boston and I knew that all of my friends were there to watch it. I instantly thought the worse and have never felt so helpless before. Here I am sitting safely across an ocean while the people I love the most are in the middle of a tragedy on a day that is always so celebrated. Luckily I soon got the news that all of my friends were safe and sound but others were not so fortunate. When terrible events happen so close to home, it makes them so much more real. Even though I am so far away, I still felt as if I was right down the street when I watched the event pan out on the news here in Spain. I have not been able to get this knot out of my stomach ever since I first saw what had happened and saw the images from the injured runners, volunteers and spectators.

My heart goes out to those affected by the bombings. It is unbelievable to see the scary world we live in today where the happiest moments can turn so tragic. Boston is a city I have grown to call my home where there are people who I call my family live. No matter how far away I get from it, it will always mean a lot to me. Tragic moments like this remind you what means the most to you and how quickly things can change. In the most difficult times there are always heroes that lift spirits. For example, the runners who donated their blood to the victims after they had just ran a marathon. Incredible strong people like that keep our spirits up. With all the evil in the world, there are still many more who only have kindness in their hearts. It is too easy to forget this.

I love you all, family and friends. And for those of you in Boston, keep your heads up. Boston was never known to be weak anyways.


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