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And Here is The End…

23 May

I cannot believe this day came so quickly. Just like that I’m saying goodbye to a place I’ve called home for 4 months and just like that I’m a senior in college. Now my bags are all packed in just a few hours I will start this journey back to America. Unfortunately it’s time for my final blog. These past four months of my life have been absolutely incredible. There are no words, pictures, or souvenirs to do these experiences justice. I have travelled to different countries, immersed myself in new cultures, opened my eyes to new views on life, and most importantly, learned a lot about who I am as a person. I have learned to let go and appreciate the simple things more. I have learned that stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way you can really grow. I have also learned that being a little crazy makes life all the more interesting. I have met the most amazing people from all over the world who I will never forget. 4 months seemed so long for everyone wishing I was coming back home sooner, but for me here it was a short experience. I remember the first day I moved into my apartment and nearly had a panic attack because I realized I was in a different country where no one spoke english. I had no idea if I was going to make friends, survive my classes, or even like it here at all. That seems like it was yesterday and now I’m all packed up and feeling like I’m leaving home again. Granada will always have a special place in my heart. Its one of the most amazing cities with the most amazing people and I will miss it so much but I know this will not be a ‘goodbye’, but more like a ‘see you later’. Luckily I can take all of the experiences I have had and bring them home to still grow from them. I will never forget the places I’ve been or the incredible people I have met and how they have changed my life.

My incredible roommates and Senora<3


And our homie Juan Miguel (aka host dad)


and our amazing neighbors with our favorite little spaniard Nacho<3


Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of my family and friends, the amazing program directors I had, professors, my host family, and everyone who has helped me along. So for all of you who backed me up, who kept in touch, who mailed me care packages, who listened to me complain when I was homesick, who donated to my trip, who loved me unconditionally even when I was across an ocean and didn’t forget about me…(and for those of you who did forget about me but are just catching up on my blog now. go away. you don’t deserve to see my cute pictures) all I can say is…







And that’s it. I love you all and will see you tomorrow America. I hope everyone enjoyed reading my blogs and hearing about my adventures. I know this won’t be the end of traveling and I know I have a lifetime of adventures ahead of me. I want to see and experience as many cultures as I can. I want to have mind blowing experiences around the world. I want to experience life in the only way that I know how which is exploring the unknown.

First I just have to go back to real life and get this school thing over with;)



22 May

Hello everyone. Here I am still actively avoiding studying. Every 5 minutes or so I have decided that I deserve a break so now I’m going to write an entertaining blog of the hilarious things my roommate has said throughout this semester. I love my ridiculous Dominican princess of a roommate, Jorgelina. She is my Spain roommate soulmate. This semester would definitely not have been as entertaining, unpredictable, or absolutely crazy if we did not live together. Luckily she lives in Boston so she can never get rid of me.


So here are the best quotes by the one and only, Jorgelina:

1. “It would be so good to have a noodle right now..(really long pause)…. just one damn noodle.”

2. “Why is Enrique Iglesias eating at Red Lobster? He’s better than that.. The world is coming to an end.”

3. “Let’s go to a One Direction concert.”

4. “It’s just so hard to get out of bed unless Ricky Martin is playing.”

5. (after watching a Taylor Swift music video) ” I need to have a stuffed animal party. That will be the first thing I do when I get my own apartment. I can’t wait.”

6. “Should I wear things humans wear?”

7. (after I asked where she’s been for the past few hours.. aka still no explanation) “There was no room so they put the two polish girls in the trunk.”

8. “When I grow up I want to be Adriana Lima.”

9. “My biggest accomplishment in high school was that I kissed a French guy.”

10. (from a girl who spends half of her life in one of the poorest parts of the Dominican Republic)
“Even as a small child I always had high standards of where I would sleep.”

11. “I think I might have thrown up on that charger. I don’t know why it doesn’t work.”

12. (in the same conversation as the previous) “What if I threw up on someone though?”

13. “I will never eat at Grasshopper again. There was legit an animal walking around all over my plate.”

14. “I don’t like those things with the faces..”
me:”you mean the shrimp?”
“Yeah I like it when I can’t tell what kind of animal I’m eating”

15. “There was no paper toilet”


18 May

Right now I should be studying or packing but those are both boring so instead I’m going to write a list of all the things I want to do when I come home in order of importance. 

1. Eat a breakfast sandwich.

2. See my family and friends.

3. Drink a large iced hazelnut coffee with skim milk and one sugar from Dunkin. 

4. Eat sour cream and onion chips. 

5. Cuddle my dogs.

6. Give my dad all my dirty laundry to do. 

7. Go to walmart for fun.

8. Eat my mom’s bomb spaghetti

9. Have fried dough for dinner with my friends.

10. Lay on my couch and stare at the TV for infinite hours. 

11. Show up uninvited to my grandma’s house to hangout. 

12. Eat bacon.

13. Sleep in my queen size bed.

14. Go to Buster’s and eat 9 orders of curly fries.

15. Go back to Buster’s and get a milkshake.


How Not to be a Tourist

17 May


I’ve been here for nearly four months and still don’t really understand the Spanish culture. They are some of the most liberal and free people but have the weirdest conservative cultural norms. To avoid being referred to as a “guiri” (a guiri is a term Spaniards use for foreigners. American girls are the easiest guiris to spot.) here is the list I have compiled of things that you should never do in Spain.

Things not to do:

1. Never eat breakfast. (because it doesn’t exist.)

2. NEVER leave the house with bare legs. I don’t care if your’e wearing bermuda shorts, ALWAYS wear tights with them. My professor even wears tights under her jeans…

3.  Never ask for anything to go in a restaurant. Don’t even ask for coffee to go. They won’t know what to do.

4. Never wear your workout clothes in public. Or anything in that realm of clothing. Take sweatpants out of your wardrobe completely.

5. NEVER EVER where flip flops out of the house.
Dressy sandals: OK
Old Navy flipflops you bought for $1: NEVER OKAY

6. Never eat dinner before 9pm. Before 8pm is still considered the “afternoon”

7. Never go out until after midnight. You will be the only one there. It will be awkward.

8. Never leave the club/bar before 4am, if you do it’s considered leaving too “early” and you’re lame (Spaniards don’t sleep)

9. Never assume that just because you’re walking on a “sidewalk” there won’t be a car or moped that could potentially run you over. They have no road rules here. Sidewalks=Roads

10. If you have a dog, never pick up their dog poop on the sidewalk because no one does.

On the Contrary here are a few socially acceptable things:

1. It’s okay to drink beer with your tostada at 10am.

2. Its common to see extreme showcases of public displays of affection on benches, in parks, restaurants, aka everywhere. (just make sure you’re wearing tights and it’s okay….?)

3. It’s acceptable to dress like your going out at all hours of the day. Its never a bad day for heels when you’re Spanish.

4. It’s assumed that you are a futbol (aka soccer) enthusiast. If you’re not you should probably just go home.

5. It is more than acceptable to go home and take a nap between 2 and 5 every day.

Cadiz, Spain

14 May

There is not much to write about Cadiz other than the fact that is was absolutely gorgeous and for once in my life I may have gotten a tiny bit tan. It was my final excursion with my study abroad program which was pretty sad. I feel like just yesterday we were all strangers awkwardly packed in buses from Madrid that freezing cold week in January and now we were all lounging on the beach in paradise as great friends. It’s so strange how quickly time goes by.. anyways here are a bunch of pictures of my lovely stay in this gorgeous beach town in the south of Spain 🙂

The country side of Spain on our way to ze beach

485636_10201240989575377_524180154_nCadiz (ze beach)


a boring museum tour..


followed by a sunset on the beach



& ending with pure happiness.



12 May

Being away from my mommy for this long has been one of the hardest parts of studying abroad. Of course I miss my friends and dogs and breakfast sandwiches but my family is what I truly miss the most. In spanish you would say “les echo de menos” which means I miss them more than anything. However, I cannot say that I wish a happy mother’s day to just my actual mother alone. I obviously have to include the people who took part in raising me to be so awesome. There is my sister who stepped in as my mother when I had really dumb ideas my whole life. And my aunt who still in convinced that I am actually her child. And who could forget about my grandmothers who love me unconditionally no matter how much ridiculous stress I give them for deciding to leave the country for a while. All of these women in my life have made me who I am and I appreciate them more than they will ever know.

Without my mother there is not chance that I would be where I am today. She has supported every crazy and idiotic plan I have had, every ambition I wanted to pursue and has picked me up when some dreams didn’t work out so well. She has healed every booboo and cleaned up all my throw up. She has has put up with every temper tantrum, teenage breakdown, and fifth of a life crisis I have thrown at her. I would not be the person I am today without such an amazing mother who let me be who I wanted and never discouraged any of my dreams. She supported me when I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 10 and a tattoo artist when I was 15. She backed me up every step of the way when I decided to study abroad and even held it together at the airport so I didn’t have to see her cry. (even though I already know you did on the car ride home). If there is anyone in this world that I owe it all to it would be her. ( and my daddy that I love so much obviously but I’ll save that for another day)

I love you mommy, see you soon<3

also I just want to say…




Hi Everybody

10 May

Yesterday I went to the arab baths and it was better than disney land. It’s one of those things that if your in the south of Spain and you don’t try the arab baths you should be ashamed of yourself. Basically back in the arab times in Spain there were tons of these arab bath houses. When the muslims were kicked out of Spain they started to disappear. Now there are a few that have been recovered and restored for the public. I imagine this is what heaven is like. Its this underground set of rooms with candles and tea everywhere. You start out in the medium warm pool for however long you want and then head to the hot pool room and finish with the ice cold bath. While you’re relaxing in the baths someone comes to get you for your massage where they cover you in the most amazing smelling oils and you get a wonderful free massage then head back to the baths. I could have stayed in there all day if I could. I decided I’m going to build one in my house when I’m rich… this is what one of the baths looks like. gra_2And today I’m spending the day packing for the beach again because I’m off to spend one of my last weekends in Spain with my program in Cadiz, Spain. It’s a gorgeous beach town a few hours from Granada. Maybe I’ll get tan for once. jkjk we all know that won’t happen. So thats all for now homies. I’ll post again when I’m back next week!