Hi Everybody

10 May

Yesterday I went to the arab baths and it was better than disney land. It’s one of those things that if your in the south of Spain and you don’t try the arab baths you should be ashamed of yourself. Basically back in the arab times in Spain there were tons of these arab bath houses. When the muslims were kicked out of Spain they started to disappear. Now there are a few that have been recovered and restored for the public. I imagine this is what heaven is like. Its this underground set of rooms with candles and tea everywhere. You start out in the medium warm pool for however long you want and then head to the hot pool room and finish with the ice cold bath. While you’re relaxing in the baths someone comes to get you for your massage where they cover you in the most amazing smelling oils and you get a wonderful free massage then head back to the baths. I could have stayed in there all day if I could. I decided I’m going to build one in my house when I’m rich… this is what one of the baths looks like. gra_2And today I’m spending the day packing for the beach again because I’m off to spend one of my last weekends in Spain with my program in Cadiz, Spain. It’s a gorgeous beach town a few hours from Granada. Maybe I’ll get tan for once. jkjk we all know that won’t happen. So thats all for now homies. I’ll post again when I’m back next week!



One Response to “Hi Everybody”

  1. Cori Brown May 10, 2013 at 7:24 pm #

    You have had the most wonderful experiences and you will remember it forever. Your mom is so proud of you and talks about you all the time!!!

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