18 May

Right now I should be studying or packing but those are both boring so instead I’m going to write a list of all the things I want to do when I come home in order of importance. 

1. Eat a breakfast sandwich.

2. See my family and friends.

3. Drink a large iced hazelnut coffee with skim milk and one sugar from Dunkin. 

4. Eat sour cream and onion chips. 

5. Cuddle my dogs.

6. Give my dad all my dirty laundry to do. 

7. Go to walmart for fun.

8. Eat my mom’s bomb spaghetti

9. Have fried dough for dinner with my friends.

10. Lay on my couch and stare at the TV for infinite hours. 

11. Show up uninvited to my grandma’s house to hangout. 

12. Eat bacon.

13. Sleep in my queen size bed.

14. Go to Buster’s and eat 9 orders of curly fries.

15. Go back to Buster’s and get a milkshake.



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