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5 Jun

After being home I’ve realized how many people actually read this thing. For those of you still interested I decided to give you a little update on my life back in the good ol’ U.S. of A. I had a lovely 25 hour trip back to the states where I did a whole lot of crying and a whole bunch of eating chocolate. I’m still not used to wifi everywhere, having manners, or not having food that comes for free with my drinks.. It will take some time I suppose. As for my life back in Boston.. I recently discovered the family I work for is moving to Providence (in like a week) which means I get a new job or commute to Providence everyday. On top of that I spent 3 days cleaning my apartment to get it back to my OCD standards. This cleaning spree lead to an endless fun game of finding surprises all over the house which included moldy cups in the cabinet and a bag of rags that were used to clean up throw up 😀 Glad to be back to real life. Also glad animals were living my my apartment. America is great.