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Coloradoooo Rocky Mountain High

24 Mar

Hola amigos,

I realized I suck at keeping up with blogs now that I’m not frolicking around Europe. However I have great and exciting news to share (which I’m sure all of you already know). As you all know, in a few weeks I will be graduating from undergrad. Crazy, I know. And everyone is always like, “what will you do after college blah blah blah.” Well I have had this planned out for a while. I would apply to grad school somewhere else, get out of Boston, and continue my education. I was referred to a school out in Boulder Colorado that specializes in exactly what I was looking for in a graduate degree. I applied to this school, and no others, for their Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy masters program (which I’ll explain what that means another time)

In February I got an email that I was invited to go out to Colorado for an interview. I was beyond ecstatic but also it had been a very difficult few months for my family so it was hard to get excited about it at times. I then reminded myself how mad my sister would be at me if I did not jump at this opportunity. She was one to NEVER miss an opportunity handed to her. After some minor travel obstacles my mom and I were finally on our way to Boulder for my interview and a week of relaxation. We began our adventure Boulder so that I could scope out the area and a potential apartment  (in hopes I would even get in to the school). To sum up the first day I was cranky because it was snowing, we kept getting lost, and I was suffering from altitude sickness. However the tables turned when we went to look at a potential apartment that I fell in love with. 

The next day I had my interview that went so well. They seemed so impressed by my experience and I felt like it was such a good fit. After a long day of interviewing my mom and I went out to celebrate at a place called the Boulder Dushanbe Tea house where we had amazing hummus and their famous chai tea.  



The rest of our time in Boulder was absolutely perfect. It was about 60 degrees everyday and gorgeous. One afternoon we took a drive up to a little town called Estes Park. (Fun fact: this is where the hotel is that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining.)




On our last night in Boulder we treated ourselves to a night of shopping and a delicious meal. Possibly one of the top 5 best meals I’ve ever eaten and that says a lot because you all know how much I love to eat. Here is an awesome pic of our steak bracciole and wine. 



After Boulder we went on an adventure down to Colorado Springs which was beautiful. We explored the Garden of the Gods and ended up staying in an amazing hotel called the Antler where we got awesome breakfast in bed and had an amazing view of Pikes Peak mountain. 




Needless to say we ate well and had an amazing time in Colorado. I definitely was not ready to come back to New England after 70 degree weather in Denver that’s for sure. But we flew back and vacation was over 😦 A few days after I returned I got a phone call from the school out there. I GOT IN! COLORADO HERE WE COME! I am so beyond excited and nervous and everything all at once. I know that my sister would be so proud of me for chasing my dreams. I also know she is thinking “well of course you got in.” So as scary as this all is, at least I have a beautiful guardian angel watching over me where ever I go. Someone has got to supervise me right?

So I put in my notice of when I will leave work and got on the wait list for an apartment in Boulder. Now all I have to do is survive my final semester of senior year and do all of the things in Boston I meant to do in the past 4 years.