First 48

23 Jan

I had no idea that I would even have anything to write about before I even left the Eastern seaboard. Turns out there are plenty of things to rant about when you try to fly to a different country. Everyone said customs was the brutal part. That took two seconds. So you all lied to me. When I got to my terminal I was impressed by how smooth everything went. I met up with two of my fellow study abroaders and we were so ready to leave. Unfortunately we discovered our flight got pushed back half an hour but that was really no big deal in comparison to torture that came next.

We were all sitting on the plane waiting for take off and watching the entertaining video of the plane from an outside view that they had on all of the screens. I realized that we’ve been driving in circles around the tar mat for an awful long time and thats when I realized Dale Earnhart Jr was driving our plane.
We finally came to a stop and we were all watching the screen patiently to see the takeoff. All of a sudden on that little screen (that I used to think was really cool) we noticed there was smoke everywhere. My initial thought was that the plane was on fire and of course I began to plan my escape and scoped out which passengers seemed to be the weakest links I could take out for survival.

Turns out the plane wasn’t on fire but they had to de-ice our plane using giant hoses of salt and water… for two and a half hours…
Luckily there was free wine on the plane as seen with my delish dinner at midnight.
airplane food.
I arrived in Madrid over tired and slightly delirious but so excited to meet all the new people.

I got in the van to go to the hotel and “Call me Maybe” was on so I knew everything was going to be okay.


One Response to “First 48”

  1. Ryan Adam January 24, 2013 at 1:10 am #

    soooo fucking funny died laughing 😀

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